PHP Development

PH PDevelopmentWhy PHP?

  1. Fast Load Time – PHP results in faster site loading speeds
  2. Less Expensive Software – In working with PHP, most tools associated with the program are open source software, such as WordPress, so you need not pay for them.
  3. Less Expensive Hosting –PHP would only require running on a Linux server, which is available through a hosting provider at no additional cost.

Easy to use: Compared to most solutions like e.g. Java, PHP doesn’t need to be compiled, so it’s just to write the script and then upload it to the server and then update the browser.

Our developers are well experienced with PHP (LAMP), MySQL, Apache & Linux. We have expertise with WordPress integration. Our team of WordPress developers provides WordPress CMS development, integration and maintenance services, backed by state-of-the-art infrastructure and high-quality technology tools.