Survey Bot

Survey Bot Message Flow

Welcome to AI based Survey ChatBot Agent. This Chatbot agent is available 24/7 and will help user take surveys. User will be requested to take surveys by bot and if user agrees, user will be prompted for survey questions and then bot submits survey.

Technology is moving fast and we are excited to build Artificial Intelligence based Chatbot for Survey. The user can directly access it from Facebook Messenger by just adding the Survey Bot as a Contact. There is no need to download and install any other software like in Mobile Application. Instead of live person, our Bot will answer and more you talk to our Bot, it gets trained more and gets smarter. Try out our company Vertex Technologies Survey Chatbot here at Survey Bot.

Facebook Messenger remembers your prior conversation with Bot. Enjoy and send us any feedback by using Contact Us page.

User can ask questions like:

what can I do here?

Bot will ask user to take survey when a survey is available.

User can also access Contact Us and Feedback from Persistent Menu.

The same Chatbot can also be used through Facebook Messenger from Facebook Messenger site, Through Facebook Messenger Mobile application, or by clicking here on Facebook Messenger Button