Survey Management System

Survey Management System

Survey Management System is the premier survey software tool for businesses of all sizes. Survey Management System allows you to create fully customizable surveys, and offers the most advanced collection, security and reporting features at prices that will fit into your budget. Here are just a few examples of how Survey Management System can be used for your business:

  • Employee satisfaction survey
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Product testing survey
  • Product pricing survey
  • Student course evaluations
  • Medical/Dental patient survey
  • Fundraising survey
  • And many more!

Survey Management System offers multiple collection options giving you the ability to target and receive responses from the maximum number of people.

Survey Management System allows you to filter, cross-tabulate, map, and graph your data, enabling you to turn your survey responses into sound business intelligence.


16 Question Types
Choose from 16 different question types that allow you to ask correspondents multiple choice questions, preference rankings and open ended questions. In addition to creating custom answers for non open ended questions, you can select from our list of predetermined answers.

Create Intelligent Surveys
Add skip logic to questions that allow you to ask specific questions based on a respondent’s answer. You can also add other advanced features such as randomizing answer choices or validating that a respondent has properly answered a question.

Password Protected Surveys
Survey Management System allows you to set a password for your surveys to help secure your data and the privacy of your respondents.

SSL Support and Anonymous Surveys
Survey Management System offers data encryption for your survey responses as they travel electronically, and also makes it possible to receive anonymous responses ensuring the highest level of security for your data.

Filter Responses by custom criteria
Find relevant data by filtering all your responses based on criteria that you determine.

Map Tracking
Track results geographically using Survey Management System’s advanced Map Tracker. This tool allows you to view trends in respondent’s answers based on where they live.

List of All Features:

  • 16 Question Types
  • Collect responses via weblink
  • Collect responses via email
  • View live results as they are recorded
  • Survey completion progress bar: Number of pages/Questions
  • Add a custom logo to your survey
  • Customize your own design
  • Eight graphing tools
  • Survey Themes (change the look of your survey)
  • Create skip logic
  • Create a custom ‘Thank you’ Page.
  • Validate/Require survey responses
  • Randomize/sort answer choices
  • Generate website popup invitations
  • Create a custom redirect upon survey completion
  • Filter your responses by custom criteria
  • Download your responses into a spreadsheets or database
  • Set Survey password and access code
  • Allow correspondents to return and complete
  • Email Lists with custom fields
  • SSL Support
  • Anonymous surveys
  • Track results on map
  • Private company label that integrates our survey software into your infrastructure
  • Multiple user licensees